"Carolina Schuck's Miracle Letter"


"Miracle Letter"

The following letter was found in ancestry.com by a man called "arrowfisch."   He originally shared it on September 1, 2014.

This letter was written by Mary Catherine Schuck on September 5, 1920 describing her observations on the miracle of her husband John Henry Tasset.  This miracle, and one other family miracle, led to the canonization of Mother Cabrini as a Catholic saint.  It reads as follows:


Complying with the promise made two months ago to-day, to make known results obtained by pious application of a piece of blood staind handkerchief of Mother Cabrini, Foundress of the Order "Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart" to a very serious and dangerous wound, I take great pleasure, and with a heart filled with deep gratitude, in stating, that at first, seemed a useless venture.

My husband was compelled to undergo an operation - his life could not possibly have been spared without it, as the stage of infection had advanced to such a degree that his life was despaired of.  Several days after, on July 5th, Mother Ignatius called at our house and found him so ill, that there remained but little hope for him.  She very kindly offered this piece of handkerchief to be applied, emphasizing the necessity of daily reciting three Paters and Aves in honor of the adorable Heart of Jesus that through the intercession of Mother Cabrini the favor might be granted.

At the first suggestion the matter seemed to be humbug.  I could find no other name to properly express the pessimistic view I took of it; however, after narrating other cases successfully treated, I consented to make an honest trial.  I placed the piece of handkerchief on the most painful part of the incision and entered into the spirit of the pious act with all the faith and confidence that my poor heart could command, entering however, this proviso, that "I must have results in two weeks."  This latter fact was emphasized with such a stubborn determination, that I would refuse to believe, if it were not granted.

For three days the incision became worse - it seemed the very powers of hell were arrayed against me, but, true to my promise to give it an honest two-week trial, I refused to yield to any other suggestion, until my time of probation, as it were ended.  On the morning, at the end of the second week, I slipped away to Mass, no one knew that I was receiving Holy Communion and making my final appeal for a manifestation from the Sacred Heart, on my return home.  When at last I finished, I hurried to my daily task of dressing the bedraggled-looking limb.  Without any hesitancy, and with Herculean strength, my husband asked for his clothing, saying he was "going to get up and walk," which he did.

I could not believe my own eyes - I thought it a dream, or something imaginary - I have no words to describe.   But praise to the Sacred Heart Which loves man so much, it is a fact, I wish I could properly convey - in a manner, believable and unhesitatingly understandable, and I leave to the Mercy of the same tender Source, the fulfillment of that, beyone my weak power of expressing.

Commending devoutly, all who are or may be similarly placed, I remain,

Obediently in the Sacred Heart,
(Signed) Mary C. Tasset.

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