A Crown Of Stars

Oh, spare me all trouble
And save me from sorrow;
May each happy day
Bring a brighter tomorrow.

May I never know pain
Or taste bitter woe
Sadness and suffering
I care not to know.


But if I should meet Him
Sometime ... face to face
Will I feel oddly strange
And a bit out of place,
When I look at the marks
Where the nails went in
As He hung on the cross
To save us from sin?


Will He think me unworthy
To be one of His own
And too weak and untried
To sit at His throne?

Will I forfeit my right
To a crown set with stars
Because I can show Him
No "battle scars"?


Will the one who suffered
And wept with pain
Be the one He will welcome
To share His domain?

Will the trials of life
Make a crown of stars
Unfit to be worn
By the one without scars?

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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