An Angel Before Me

Angel Dad

Just now I am beginning to understand
Some of the challenges you have had;
With all of the struggles that life dealt you,
I rarely saw you sad.

You are my encouragement,
My strength and wisdom every day;
With guidance and love
In good times and bad,
You always know what to say.


You must have had times
When you needed a shoulder
Or someone to talk to about life;
You must have had times
When we didn't understand,
And you needed someone
To hold you tight.

What do you have to show
For all you have done?
Do you realize the lives
You have touched?


All the caring and understanding
You have given in this world ...
And you continue to give so much;
It must be difficult to be the only one,
We depend on for everything.

Do you know how proud we are of you?
I wonder where you've hidden your wings;

For you must be an angel ...
That would explain it,
Sent down from the heavens above;
To show all this world
Your 3 boys and 2 girls ...
The true meaning of "Love."


The greatest compliment
I could receive in this life,
And I hope someday it will be ...
Is that I am as wise and caring,
Full of love and understanding,
As my father was before me!

~ Author Unknown ~

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