Candy Canes

Candy canes on Christmas trees
A message loud and clear,
Telling us it won't be long ...
‘Til Christmastime is here.

Yet some of us tend to forget
Among the gifts and glory;
The reason for this holiday,
An awesome, real life story!


You see, there was this lady,
A beauty, yes indeed ...
Searching for a place to rest,
Most certainly in need.

For time was passing quickly,
And she, my friends, was due ...
To give birth to a baby boy,
A gift for all of you!


People came from near and far
To gaze upon this child;
Many walked for days and nights,
To them ... a trip worth while.

They traveled, tired and weary,
Back then they had no car;
No maps to give directions,
Only one bright shining star.


It led them to our Saviour
Who didn't have a bed;
Only straw and swaddling clothes,
To rest his precious head.

They brought to Him so many gifts,
All worthy of a King;
For some had heard that He, Himself ...
Would be an offering.


So each year at this holiday,
With the rush of things to do;
Remember that this child was BORN,
To DIE for me and you.

~ Author Unknown ~

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