Don't Waste The Miracle

There's a miracle in Christmas ...
There's a stillness in the air
And excitement in the shining eyes
Of children everywhere.

There's a miracle in Christmas
As each silent night unfolds,
And we see again the promise
That this holy season holds.

Christmas Tree

There's a wonder in traditions,
In the stories passed along;
In our thoughtfulness toward others,
And in voices raised in song.

There's a reassuring comfort
In the joy glad tidings bring
And an inner peace from honoring
And praising Christ the King.

Christmas Tree

There's a magic in the season,
In the kindnesses we do,
Whether joys are shared my many
Or among a special few.

There's awareness of our gratitude
For blessings from above;
There's a miracle in Christmas,
And the miracle is love.

~ Jan Miller Girando ~

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