Easter Eggs

When Easter time had come again,
With Easter eggs to dye,
We chose to paint our eggs with thoughts,
Of those who would be nigh.

For dad ... we chose a purple shade,
Which stands for royalty,
For he is head within the home,
And pledged to family.

For mom ... we chose a yellow shade,
so bright and sunshine warm;
She is the heart within the home,
She shelters us from harm.

My sister's egg was pastel pink,
So feminine and gay,
The shade of ribbons and of lace,
And apple blooms in May.

Much like the nearby meadowed hills,
My egg was dyed a green,
For boys just love to romp outdoors,
When spring is on the scene.

Our grandma's shade was lilac soft,
And grandpa's shade was blue,
For soft and gentle hues just fit,
These fond and loving two.

When all our eggs had been prepared,
How beautiful they were!
We found we'd painted them to love,
This special time of year.

~ Craig E. Sathoff ~

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