Easter Fun

This time of year Easter comes,
To give fun to the little ones,
There's many who love this holiday,
Because it's so cheery, bright, and gay.

Spring time comes and flowers bloom,
To show how sunshine seems to loom;
Creeks all over start to flow,
To bring to life everything that will grow.

But there is more than just life to Easter,
Including all the little candy-eaters;
All the pretty baskets wrapped in cellophane,
Looking for Easter eggs through the window pane.

All the creamy chocolate that nobody can hide,
All the colorful eggs which are beautifully dyed;
Then there's pink and blue Easter grass,
Which all clings together in a big mass.

Children wake up on Easter morning,
Hoping for candy ... that's what they're yearning;
The Easter bunny comes the night before,
But that's not enough ... the kids want more.

All the pretty things that Easter brings,
Which include birds that fly with wings;
Easter is for everyone,
Celebrating spring is so much fun!

~ Chris Brookhart ~

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