There's a hole inside of me,
It appeared some time ago;
The day my mother passed away ...
Tell me, why'd she have to go?

I've tried to fill the hole up
With other family,
And I want to keep her memory alive,
So I started her family tree.


My search has brought me many kin
Who've helped to fill that hole;
But I realize now, there'll always be
An emptiness in my soul.

I guess that's just the way it is
With people and their mothers...
A special bond exists with them
That can't be matched by others.


How many times had I heard her say,
"Someday I won't be here..." ?
I thought I'd always have her, though,
Now all I have is tears.

I know she's with HER mother now,
That's not what makes me sad;
It's that I never asked her about our past,
Now, too late, I want to know so bad.


So please, God, when you see my mom,
Give her all my love,
And tell ALL my kin that I'll see them again
When I join them up above.

~ Author Unknown ~


Original music composed by Tom Williams III,
Copyright 1996-99 Dreamsharer Music, Ltd.
Used With Permission.

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