The Pilgrims Give Thanks


Just look upon the land and see the yield
Of pumpkins, corn, and squash in every field,
The shocks of corn are glistening in the sun
With coats of frost on every one.

Come, let us have a feast with praise
To God, who blessed the crops we raise;
Have Massacoit and all his men
Bring deer and visit us again.

Together we will roast the meat ...
Wild turkey and venison we'll eat;
Some pumpkins, corn, and hoe-cake bread,
Will grace the board when thanks are said.

At last, we have our feast prepared,
We thank our God for how we've fared;
For crops that He has helped us grow,
And for the seed we have to sow.

Our Horn of Plenty overflows
With products from the land we chose;
We give our thanks to God above,
For all His care and help and love.

~ Marjorie Lindsey Brewer ~

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