God's Greatest Work Of Art


When God had finished making earth and heaven
And filling them with wonders great and small,
He saw how special gladness could be given
And so began His greatest work of all.

He took the sparkle of the dew at dawning
To make two shining eyes, so bright and clear;
He plucked a velvet rose that sun-drenched morning
And made a baby mouth, so soft and dear.


For downy hair, He chose the silk that lingers
On summer flowers whose seeding time has come;
And for those dainty little toes and fingers,
The petals of a sweet chrysanthemum.

He took the magic of a rainbow's splendor,
The softness of a summer cloud on high,
The innocence of spring, so fresh ... so tender,
The frailty of a gentle butterfly.


The happy sounds of laughter and of singing,
He borrowed from the jolly, tumbling brook;
Then turning to some bluebells sweetly ringing,
Their loveliness and cheeriness He took.

And to this masterpiece so long awaited,
He added then the love from His own heart;
And thus it was a baby He created ...
God's greatest and most precious work of art.

~ Author Unknown ~

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