The Valentine Heart


Chocolate hearts, lace hearts, paper hearts of red ... hearts in supermarket ads, heart-shaped cookies, even heart-covered silk boxer shorts!

On Valentine's Day, everywhere you look ... you see hearts.

In early times, the liver was the part of the body that symbolized love.  But hearts have long been connected with the feelings of love.  After all ... you can feel your heart beating faster when you're excited by seeing someone you love.  That's probably how it all got started.

But scientists think that emotions actually begins in your brain.  The part of the brain called the "thalamus" shows the most activity in tests measuring an emotionally excited person.

Placing a piece of brain on a Valentine's card probably wouldn't thrill too many people.  Come to think of it, even a picture of a "real" heart, with blood vessels and everything, isn't all that romantic either!  Maybe we should just be glad we have the traditions that we have!

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