Let Us Keep Christ In Christmas

Christmas is a season
For joy and merrymaking,
A time for gifts and presents,
For giving and taking;
A festive, friendly, happy time
When everyone is gay;
And cheer, good will and laughter
Are part of Christmas Day.


For God wants us to be happy
On the birthday of His Son,
And that is why this season
Is such a joyous one.

For long ago the angels
Rejoiced at Bethlehem;
And so down through the ages
We have followed after them.


But in our celebrations
Of merriment and mirth,
Let's not forget the miracle
Of the Holy Christ Child's birth.

For in our gay festivities
It is easy to lose sight
Of the Baby in the manger
And that Holy silent night.


For Christmas in this modern world
Is a very different scene,
From the stable and the Christ Child
So peaceful and serene.

For now we think of Christmas
As glittering gifts and such,
Things for eager eyes to see
And reaching hands to touch.


But we miss the mighty meaning
And we lose the greater glory,
Of the Holy Little Christ Child
And the Blessed Christmas Story.

If we don't keep Christ in Christmas
And make His love a part,
Of all the joy and happiness
That fill our home and heart.


For without the Holy Christ Child
What is Christmas but a day,
That is filled with empty pleasures
That will only pass away.

But by keeping Christ in Christmas
We are helping to fulfill,
The glad tidings of the angels ...
Peace on earth to men, good will.


And the Father up in heaven
Looking down on earth, will say ...
You have kept Christ in your Christmas,
Now I'll keep you all the way!

~ Helen Steiner Rice ~

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