A Million Ways


It seems so, that now-a-days,
Cards and candy and that stuff,
Roses and other pretty flowers,
Sometimes don't seem to be enough.

In this age of self-indulgence
And going to all of those extremes,
The true meaning of Valentines
Has gotten lost, somewhere, it seems.

We go out and spend that money,
Or use that plastic, if we're broke,
To try to convince our partner
To believe, love words we spoke.

But of all those million ways
Of those dollars that we spend,
There are just a couple things
To make love last to the end.

To be a friend and confidant,
To be there and to reach out;
A look, a smile, a loving touch,
Is, what it really is all about.

The cards, candy and flowers
And all of those other things,
Will never be as important
As the love that the truth brings.

So, go out and get those gifts
That may bring a tear and smile;
And then, all other days of the year,
Just do those little things, worthwhile.

~ Del "Abe" Jones ~
Copyright 02-11-2006


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