The Legend Of The Silver Pinecones

Years ago, there lived a poor family with barely enough to eat and little wood for a fire to keep warm.  In desperation, the mother went to the woods to gather some pinecones ... some to burn and some to sell to buy food.

Suddenly, she heard a voice, "Why are you stealing my pinecones?"


Beside her was an elf to whom she told her sad story.  With a smile he said, "Go into the next forest.  The pinecones there will serve you much better."

When she reached the next forest, she was very tired and sat her basket down ... and down fell dozens of pinecones!  She gathered them and returned home.


When she reached the doorstep, she discovered every cone had turned to silver.  This family would never be poor again.

To this day, the people of the Hartz Mountains keep a silver pinecone on their dresser, for as legend has it, a silver pinecone will bring good fortune your way.

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