The Legend of the Poinsettia


Long ago in Mexico, a little girl stood outside a church on Christmas Eve.  She watched others taking gifts inside to place before a statue of Baby Jesus.  The longer she watched, the worse she felt because she had nothing to give.

An angel saw the girl and spoke to her. "Gather the weeds beside the road and take them to the Holy Child" said the angel.

Drying her tears, the girl obeyed.  She gathered a large armful of the green leafy weeds and carried them inside.  But as she walked up the aisle, the people laughed at her gift.

The embarrassed little girl placed her branches beside the manger, and suddenly a miracle occurred.  The green leaves turned to brilliant red!

Now every year at Christmastime, the green leaves of the poinsettia turn to bright red to honor the Son of God born so long ago.

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