A Sweetheart's Holiday


There'll always be a Valentine's Day
On the fourteenth of February of every year;
A day of festival romance and affection,
And a Holiday for a sweetheart lovely and dear.

Special greeting cards are distributed
To friends and a sweetheart to keep in line;
Verses are embossed with tender thoughts,
But almost all say, 'Be My Valentine.'

The cards are adorned with satin, red ribbon
And white lace trimmings setting them apart;
With a colorful and an attractive Valentine scene,
Or a cupid whose arrows pierce a heart.

Girls receive gifts of flowers or jewelry,
A large box of candy shaped like a heart,
Attending Valentine's Day dances and parties
With their favorite Valentine doing their part.

There'll always be a Valentine's Day
When the words of engagement are in the air,
And a sparkling diamond ring is placed on a finger ...
A dream comes true - thanks for prayer.

~ Joseph T. Renaldi ~
Copyright 2008


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