The Family Tree

Life wasn't always easy;
But she never did complain;
Though I saw her shed a leaf or two,
When cold November's came.

How her arms spread wide
And welcomed any weary nesting soul;
Vast numbers took their comfort there,
In spring and winters' snow.

When August sun's beat down on me,
I rested 'neath her shade;
And warmed myself in winter
With the firewood she gave.

Played beneath the shelter
Of her strong and sturdy limbs;
Swung from her branches happily
With all my childhood friends.

In her bark, I carve initials
Of those sweethearts long forgot;
From her branches, hang my medals,
And hide my secrets in her knots.

From her seeds, I grew an orchard,.
In her leaves I made a bed;
And when I thought to give up...
Her trunk spoke, "forge ahead!"

I gaze now through her branches,
Far past where eyes can see;
And every bough uncovered,
Tells that much more of ME!

And I proudly bear the markings
Of her awesome history;
Oh, she started but a seedling ...
And became my family tree.

~ Author Unknown ~

The Family Tree

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